You + Me


I won’t work with just anyone.

Don’t worry, I don’t mean this in a celebrity ‘get me my own trailer’ kind of way. It’s just that I offer a specific range of services that can’t be everything to everyone. If we’re a match, terrific. But if we don’t, or if I think you’ll benefit from another product or service, I’ll let you know.

Ultimately, my goal is for your business to get the most out of its web presence. So are we a good match?

Things I look for in a client:

  • The Right Start. Do you have a website set up? I really can’t do much for you without one.
  • The Right Energy. “YES, let’s DO this!” are four very cool words. Are they in your vocabulary?
  • The Right Attitude. The realisation that the Web is a fantastic opportunity for your business and a real keenness to see results.
  • The Right Budget. When it comes to things like Google Adwords , you need to be realistic about your goals and have the resources to make them happen. We’re not talking about mega-bucks, but we are talking about investment.


There’s a very good reason why my business is simply called ‘MickG’ and not ‘Web Solutions Plus.’ It’s because when you work with ‘MickG’ the business, you’re getting Mick Gibson the human being. And in the tech-heavy www world, that’s a really good thing.

So, let’s get to know each other a little better shall we? Here’s an idea – I’ll tell you all about me, and then you can have your turn by telling me about you and your project .

I’m Mick Gibson, and when you’re a dad of three busy boys you need buckets of energy. Luckily for you, I also bring those same buckets in to work with me. I get inspired and rewarded by a lot of things – my wife & kids firstly, and getting results for my clients is right up there too. I’m 45, and haven’t always been involved in the Web. For a number of years I trained and worked as an architect, in South Africa and NZ. Oddly, for a profession that on paper seems a million miles from the web there are stacks of parallels – from the fundamentals of building, planning and design, through to bigger issues of community and a sense of place.

What I bring to your business is a little piece of me. Everything I’ve learnt about the web over the past 17 years is combined with everything else I’ve learnt in business. Basically, you get a real person; passionate about what I do, keen to have a laugh, but serious about my service and the level of service that I offer.

I wear my brain on my sleeve a lot of the time and you’ll find my ramblings here on my blog.