Three Google AdWords Campaign Settings to be Aware of.

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Using Google AdWords can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many settings and options to use, and sometimes you don’t even know that certain important settings exist! So here are three important campaign settings to be aware of. Campaign Setting #1 … Delivery Method. If you’re finding that you’re not spending your daily budget, […]

Personalized Content and Targeting Based on Behaviour – Digest of Post from Peep at ConversionXL

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I’m a firm believer in sharing great content and articles. And Peep’s latest blog post from his excellent website: is one of them. I’ll give you the quick digest style (WHAT, WHY, HOW) overview here, but urge you to head over and read the full article. WHAT: Content personalization and behavioural targeting is all about showing […]

Ads Following You on the Web? It’s called Remarketing or Retargeting.

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I’m betting that you’ve had this experience. You visit a website to buy something or to find some information. The next day, you start seeing adverts for the same website you visited yesterday. Almost like the adverts are following you! Well they are. They’re ads that make use of what’s called either remarketing or retargeting […]

Getting Mobile

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We’re all going somewhere these days. Busy, busy. And our mobile phones, iPads, iPhones and Androids follow us wherever we go. It stands to reason that we’re consuming more and more information from our mobile devices, including browsing websites. So here’s a question. Do you know how many people have visited your site in the […]