Facebook Remarketing – without Facebook Exchange (FBX)

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Overview It is now possible to build your own remarketing lists (directly within Facebook), by using their remarketing pixel and custom audience option. The opportunity In the past, FBX (Facebook Exchange) allowed us to leverage the power of social retargeting via platforms like AdRoll, PerfectAudience. This allowed powerful social acquisition opportunities via audience segmented and […]

The future of search, as explained by Marcus Tandler in his TEDtalk

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Online search has some a long way since the early days of lycos, goto.com and even Google (have a look at what google.com looked like over 12 years ago!) Marcus Tandler in his recent TEDtalk, does an excellent job of running through the evolution of search, and explains how moving forward, context and realtime search […]

Google AdWords goes more granular with location targeting in Australia

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Online advertisers in the States have had the benefit of pretty granular location targeting to use in their Google AdWords campaigns for quite some time. It hasn’t been the case for us digital marketers down-under. But just of late, I’ve noticed some more segmented location targeting appearing in Google AdWords in my Australian clients’ accounts. […]

What Bruce Springsteen and Digital Marketing Have in Common

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Last night I was lucky enough to get to see Bruce Springsteen perform with his legendary E-Street band (here in Melbourne). It was a night that I and the other +- 12,000 people wont forget anytime soon. Why? The main reason for this memorability, and Bruce’s popularity (over many years), is that he … makes connections […]

Personalized Content and Targeting Based on Behaviour – Digest of Post from Peep at ConversionXL

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I’m a firm believer in sharing great content and articles. And Peep’s latest blog post from his excellent website: www.conversionxl.com is one of them. I’ll give you the quick digest style (WHAT, WHY, HOW) overview here, but urge you to head over and read the full article. WHAT: Content personalization and behavioural targeting is all about showing […]