Cold, Warm and Hot Audience Segments and Remarketing lists

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Here’s a pretty simple way to start segmenting your Google analytics into audiences that you can then create remarketing lists from, and use in follow-up campaigns. COLD = first-time visitors WARM = direct visitors, returning visitors, brand term keyword searches (organic and paid), onsite searchers, social media link clickers or referral visits etc HOT = […]

Notes from GAUC2014 – Google Analytics Conference in Melbourne

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Spent an afternoon yesterday, topping up on analytics skills, with the LovesData team at the #GAUC2014 Google Analytics Conference. For those of you not able to attend, here are all my notes (below) from the Masterclass session. ALSO, see my workflowy notes from Friday’s full session with: Avinash Kaushik – link to notes Justin Cutroni – link […]

Notes and updates from Google Partners Melbourne – David Booth and others

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I’m already enjoying the day in the company of loads of AdWordsites here at the Google Partners Master Class in Melbourne with: David Booth. Session 1: State of AdWords Union. — Flexible conversions – Unique – All conversions CPA (settings) – Converted clicks – Conversions Sales = conversions Leads = converted clicks Importing Goals from […]

Facebook Remarketing – without Facebook Exchange (FBX)

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Overview It is now possible to build your own remarketing lists (directly within Facebook), by using their remarketing pixel and custom audience option. The opportunity In the past, FBX (Facebook Exchange) allowed us to leverage the power of social retargeting via platforms like AdRoll, PerfectAudience. This allowed powerful social acquisition opportunities via audience segmented and […]