One-Stop Spots on the Web

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I recently got back from a road-trip, and as you do on trips, there were several stops at petrol/ service stations along the way. Not only to refuel the car, but the body as well! Those Big Bikkie Magnums are just the business 🙂

Anyway, getting back to the story. These one-stop roadside destinations have become a massive part of our lives because they allow us to be ‘cross-serviced’. At them, we can make a single stop, and do many things in one easy place (refuel the car, buy something to eat, visit the restroom etc etc)

The benefits are obvious – it saves us time, and makes things convenient. Also their location makes it easy for us to pop-in, and pop-out, often removing the need to visit larger more congested shops and locations.

Now, how could you make your website a place that does just the same?

A place online that people could pop-in, get what they’re looking for, as well a few other things at the same time.

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