Notes and updates from Google Partners Melbourne – David Booth and others

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I’m already enjoying the day in the company of loads of AdWordsites here at the Google Partners Master Class in Melbourne with: David Booth.

Session 1: State of AdWords Union.

Flexible conversions
– Unique
– All conversions

CPA (settings)
– Converted clicks
– Conversions

Sales = conversions
Leads = converted clicks

Importing Goals from Analytics (choose which ones)

App only unique
Cross-device aren’t in estimated.


Consumer ratings = 10% CTR avg.
Click on ratings = free
Show up to 3 of best categories

US, UK, Canada.

Google consumer surveys
– paying for survey takers

3rd party marketing.


Review extensions.


Offline conversion tracking.


Save gCLID (manually)
gCLID within a coupon.

Salesforce integration example.

Call tracking: in AUS now!
Allows you to track phone calls from ad clicks.

CALL button. – dialer … then to call. (mobile)
Unique phone number – (desktop). 1800

Get reporting on every call, missed call, area code etc.
Can use with conversion bidding.

Call reporting in dimensions tab.

You can’t chose your own numbers

If someone saves the 1800 does it ring to me. YES!!!!

Setup and store a series of 1800 numbers.
Use them, until Google figures out what this means 🙂

Viewable impressions.
(active view impression)
When 50% of your banner show on the screen for 1s or longer.
enable viewable CPM (active view reporting)
Check active view CTR/ IMPR in reports.

GA reports for AdWords app download.
Link AdWords + app reporting in) within analytics.


Audience segmenting
Segments can be multisession. (sequence)

Use in market segments in remarking as a filter.
Partnering with bluekai

April = universal analytics in remarketing.


Trueview Ads
– in-stream
– in-display

Google Shopping campaigns.
Half-price clicks
PLA and Google shopping will compete if running concurrenty
Benchmark data (in shopping columns)
Bid simulator at product/ category level
April 22nd

Session 2 – Measuring Value. How to measure and explain value for your clients.


Learn how to tell the story to your customers

Note: Impression assisted conversions = good upper funnel activity. (but you have to report on it differently).


Checklist for showing value to your client.



1. Know what is of value to your customer (what do want more of? .. their measure of success)

– Macro conversion

– Micro conversions


2. Track conversions (in AdWords)

– Allows CPA

– Easier campaign management (AdWords editor/ interface)

3. Track conversions (Analytics)

– All channels

– Context before and after

– URL goals

– Events

– Ecommerce

4. Track all channels (display, campaign tagging, offline)

Tag different sources:

– Bing Ads

– Facebook ads

– Social media

– etc

UTM campaign tagging (URL builder)

Handy tool to track them:

Use bitly in conjunction with utm tagging.


Time of day stamp (content) in utm…

Guerrilla advertising – inject utm notes/ messages into analytics of others.

Vanity URLs can mask utm tagged URLs.


5. Factor in mis-attributed conversions

– Estimated total conversions (i.e. from cross device conversions) Need more than 50 conversions per day to use.

– Phone tracking (consider a phone tracking platform)

Get access to phone bill, you can track and graph phone call volumes relative to website visits.

Get dedicated numbers for different channels (website, ads, organic, offline, etc)

Dynamic call tracking e.g. Jett interactive, Delacon, Advancer (using phone number pools)

The measurement protocol (live event tracking) allows real session based telephone tracking (must be using universal analytics).

6. Impact from social/ video

How to track from social?

– Aggregator reporting tools like:

– Excel, Klipfolio, Tableau.

7. CRM integration

A lot of sales and conversions happen off the web. How do you measure?

– Keep a lookup code of gelid

– Add a unique code to website (dynamically from source etc)

– On form submit (posts cookie info with submit) Auto-script that posts this info.

– Assign ID = 12345 > Login/ Click on email/ authenticate > Go to Analytics look-up ID, and write back analytics data to CRM record.

acxiom … 3500 data points on every single person in the USA.

8. Understand assists + attribution

Top of funnel (first touch) – bottom of funnel (last click)

– Different attribution models give different insights.

– Google analytics defaults to last click attribution model.

9. Communicate with clear report.

Translate results that customers want into really easy reports.

Dashboards (report on what matters and leave out what doesn’t matter)

Walk and talk clients through things.

– What else is important to you.

– There this new things.

– Here’s what we’re prioritising this month.

10. Get paid for this.

Always earn the right to ask for more business (from your clients).

– We will not take on an adwords client unless you have analytics, and conversions are setup.


Session 3 – Google Tag Manager.

TMS – tag management systems.

A TMS is to tags what a CMS is to web content.

– Sequence tags
– Streamline
– Optimise
– Enforce
– Empower

TO get started,
Place a container tag and a data layer.

Rules and logic all in one location.

Use upgrade to Universal as a reason to set-up GTM.
Universal upgrade is coming.
UA readiness migration tool (Cardinal Path)

Data layer (must add)

Some best practices

One GTM account for each of your clients (don’t put it under your account)
One container for each web property
Don’t make unrealistic promises
Make rules/ macros re-usable

WASP for data layer. (Debugging) (for youtube tracking)

Data-layer: visitor type, custom defined variables. If you think you are going to use it for tracking, write it to data layer.


Session 4 – Work Smarter (not harder)

Delegate responsibility.
Build a team.


AdWords automation:

Bid strategy:
Max clicks (poor)
Target search page location
Target CPA
Enhanced CPC
Target ROAS

Campaign, Adgroup and keyword levee.

Pause low QS Keywords
QS <=3 Impressions >=0

Enable weekend ads.
Turn off weekend ads.

AdWords scripts: (historical QS)

… there you go .. warts, typos and all.

Hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Thanks again Dave, and the Google Partners team.