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In my over 13 years of experience on the web, I’ve been lucky to work with some very smart clients, colleagues and friends. They’ve each taught me some valuable lessons that I use  daily in all aspects of my life.

Perry Marhsall
always remember the 80/20 (Perato) principle
Leni Mayo
the power of statistical confidence
Steven Lockstone
systems are gold
Matt Mickiewicz
ugly banners beat beautiful ones!
Kevin Yank
the beauty is in the detail
Ben Young
always share info that adds real value
Jen Sheahan
a pic is worth a 1000 words
Simone Green
empathy goes a long way
Mark Harbottle
keep it beautifully simple
Bryan Todd
get clear on goals before optimising any AdWords account
Alex Holmes
retargeting is fun, effective and powerful
Nadine Parkington
how to get things done right … and quickly
Francesco Rulli
think BIG and then go and do it
Phil Baldey
filter decisions through your head, heart and gut
Evan Crawford
the gift of the gab
Adele Theron
power of setting goals
Kristen Holden
a plain-english approach is always best
James Burton
there are only two types of people … parents and non-parents

… and finally LAURIE MITCHELL … awareness is everything in life.

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