13 Years of the Web in 7 Days

When you work with the web for over 13 years (actually it’s 16 now) … you learn a lot about what works, and what doesn’t.

I’ve tried to capture these insights, in 7 emails, that you can receive daily over the next week. Perhaps this is best explained by the opening paragraph of the first email:

”……The story that will unfold over the next week is all about me – but my reason for writing it is actually all about you. 

This email series is an honest and simple way for me to share with you the significant moments and people that have drastically contributed to shaping me and my career over the past 13 years. In doing so, I hope to give you some ideas and insights you will find helpful in your own journey – wherever it may be leading you…”

I look forward to sending you the first email, which is called:

“The Web Plunge (from Architect to Armadillo)”

To receive the email(s) simply sign-up by entering your – First Name and Email Address (alongside to the right). 

And it goes without saying you can decide to opt-out of receiving the emails at ANY time.